You like the classic card matching game to train your memory ? You want to increase the difficulty level to stimulate other areas of your brain ? You want your kid learn letters and reading while playing ? Then LetterMemo is the right game for you !

With LetterMemo you do not match cards as in the classic game but you match cards with the word the card represents or with the first letter of the word. The small memo is a great way to let your kid learn letters and words while playing. With the large memo even adults will notice that this is more challenging than the well known picture matching.

As with the well known MemoKid game you can play this alone, with a friend or against the iPad. The iPad behaves like a human in that way that it does not have a perfect memory but may as well forget cards. You can adapt the intelligence level or Einstein level as we call it to make the game against the iPad more and more challenging.


- Small memo (4x4)

- Large memo (6x6)

- Play alone, with a friend or against the iPad

- Intelligence level is adaptable with  5 different Einstein levels

- Match picture with first letter of the word

  1. -Match picture with word

Available on iPad