Beat the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch! ….play with a friend or be just on your own. Boosting your brain's memory while playing!

The only memo where you can compete with the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch on 5 different “Einstein-Levels”!

It’s really fun. Your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch plays like a human. It’s no fake. It remembers what card was already open and when but your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch can also  forget a card or grasp the wrong one… You might find it easy to win against Einstein-Level 1. Real fun is playing in a team together to beat an Einstein-Level 5 Megabrain!


- Play by yourself, play with a friend, play with your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch

- Adapt the intelligence level of your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch  with 5  Einstein-Levels

- Small (4x4), medium (6x6) and large (8x8) game


  1. -Cards are turned by touching them. Cards are turned back by another touch or after a certain time they are turned back automatically in case they don't match

Available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad